Our Dishes


We celebrate the most important meal of the day with the TIAN Sharing Breakfast. Bread and pastry fresh from our bakery, home-made spreads and jams, yoghurt bowls with a selection of cereal and nuts, lovingly braised entremets, a warm dish of choice and much more will be served at your table, to be shared with family and friends.


We love good and healthy food. That is why our vegetarian and vegan dishes are wholesomely prepared from freshly harvested preferably organic ingredients. Dishes like the unique TIAN Tartar, the TIAN Raphaello of white polenta or crispy vegan tarte flambé can, in this form, only be found at our Bistros.


We serve organic coffee, organic tea, home-made juices, freshly squeezed smoothies, beer, acclaimed wines, sparkling aperitifs and much more.

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