Our Philosophy

Confidently, we take a step back to nature and with that a step into the future. Our cuisine not only tastes heavenly but is also healthy!

The easygoing metropolitan ambience of our Bistros as well as the extraordinary vegetarian culinary experiences are our straightforward and tantalizing offer to nurture your joie de vivre.


“There are things that are good for us, that enrich our lives by a “WoW””

Christian Halper, Owner of the TIAN Group

Our Dishes

We stand for truly well made, 100% fresh and high-quality vegetarian food. It’s why we will spare no efforts to meet our own high standards in combining extraordinary cuisine with our passion and delight in experimentation. Our seasonal ingredients are predominantly supplied by trusted regional partners. Respecting natural cycles, we pay attention to preferably organic products, created in a fair way. We do this in order to create a sophisticated alternative for people who long, not only for vegetarian, but also ethical and sustainable cuisine.



Tian Bistro – Am Spittelberg

Schrankgasse 4 | A-1070 Vienna

Opening hours:

Monday: 5:30pm until 10pm
Tuesday through Friday: 12 noon until 10pm
Saturday, Sunday: 10am until 10pm

Kitchen hours:

Monday: 5:30pm until 10pm

Tuesday through Friday:
Lunch menu: 12 noon until 5:30pm
Evening menu: 5:30pm until 9.30pm

Saturday, Sunday: 10am until 10pm (breakfast until 12 noon)

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